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How to Leverage Visual Content in Your eCommerce Marketing Strategy

As a part of your e-commerce marketing strategy, leveraging content can increase conversions as well as improve your exposure, while protecting your resource and budget.

Last year, over 56% of B2C marketers reviewed by Marketing Professors and Content Marketing Institute said that one of the largest challenges they are facing in 2016 is forming content which engages their target audience. For this purpose, more than ever are targeting on emerging the visual content that forms a higher level of engagement.

Several ways are there for leveraging your content marketing for e-commerce trades. Few are listed below:

1. Reuse existing content:

Reuse your existing content in order to extend your effort of content creation. In recent years, infographics have become really popular as a way of gathering your accumulated information into one easy-to-view visual pattern. Keep your infographics up-to-date and free from excessive information to keep your readers engaged.

2. Create product videos:

In your e-commerce marketing strategy, you must include videos which describe your product in detail. Around 50% of online buyers note the product videos as resources which contribute to their buying spirit. Videos will enable you for saying far more than you could in a text explanation, and are simpler for sharing across several platforms than technical content.

3. Develop Slideshare:

The Slideshare’s beauty is that the users of the platform likely to be searching out genuine resources on a provided topic. By converting your text content into slides, you are not only making it more available for promising clients but also you are placing yourself as a valuable resource for the industry.

4. Create unboxing videos:

A study by Google in 2014 showed that unboxing videos on YouTube – those where somebody opens a new item and records their first experience – developed over 57% from the last year, especially when it came to the holidays. Unboxing helps make a sense of expectation among the viewers and inspires them for making a buy so that they can also have their same own experience.

5. Maximize SEO:

When it’s a superb idea of sharing content you create on external channels, you can additionally drive traffic to your site by hosting your content there. Ensure you use SEO best practices in order to extend your content’s visibility.

So, above mentioned 5 smart ways are ideal to leverage your visual content in the strategy of your e-commerce marketing. Use these ways or it is recommended to avail Content Marketing Services in Gurgaon to get better results.